The Perigee Team


Our team members have decades of "hands on" lending experience. As Bank Officers, they have personally reviewed thousands of loan requests; the good, the bad, and the ugly. At weekly loan committee meetings lenders present the "case" for borrowers requests.

Although lending patterns evolve over time, the common themes of rejected loans are incomplete and confusing information, or a lack of candor about the less attractive features of your loan application. Our team can help you tell your story in a forceful, compelling and honest fashion.

Experienced lenders will find your weaknesses, we want to anticipate their questions, and help you mitigate your weaknesses. A powerful loan presentation is a combination of art and science.


Our team members have personally developed multiple projects and understand the pitfalls and opportunities. Team members have developed Condominium Projects, Strip Malls, Hotel Buildings, Golf courses, Office and Commercial Buildings, and raw land. They understand your language and can use their experience to shape your loan request in a "street smart" fashion.


Our team attorney has supervised the closing of hundreds of loans and has represented both Banks and borrowers in loan negotiations. He has experience as the General Counsel to a National Bank, and formerly served as an Officer and Board Member of Florida's largest "Credit Enhancement" firm, a firm with approximately two billion dollars of funded projects.

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